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However, to take advantage of newer features built into Solaris 9 and later releases, and to use the newer security model, you must use version 2 profiles.Servers can serve a mix of both old and new clients.

updating ldap-55updating ldap-76updating ldap-15

base64_encode(pack('H*', md5($newpass_in_plaintext)));ldap_modify($ds, $dn, $new); Following goetz at rvs dot uni-hannover dot de's comment, it is not exactly true that ldap_modify can't change objectclass.

The comparison is by no means exact, but it might help you get a grasp of what it's for and give you some ideas on how it can be used.

In fact, LDAP can be used as an alternative to NIS as a naming/authentication service using nss-ldap and pam-ldap.

Directory String MAY NOT be empty; Octet String MAY be empty. If an attribute is defined as MAY in the schema, the attribute may or may not be there.

If it is there, it MAY or MAY NOT be empty, depending on its SYNTAX.

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