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With Congress back in session next week, more talk on infrastructure planning and funding is expected.

If you’ve ever looked at the calendar application on your i Phone or i Pad and realized a bunch of old events were missing, then let me reassure you, you’re not the only one, and there is an easy fix!

However, this doesn’t mean your calendar events are gone. If you use i Cloud for example, they are all safe and sound on Apple’s servers.

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On Tuesday, after several weeks of discussions, the Department of Homeland Security announced that it will not ban laptops from cabins of planes flying to the U. A spokesperson for DHS also emphasized that it is still possible for the U. On Wednesday, the International Transport Forum published a report showing that driverless trucks could reduce demand for drivers by 50%-70% in the U. As discussed in previous DC Updates, Congress is starting to act on the issue: it has held several hearings this year on how to implement and regulate technology, and a few members introduced legislation that would appropriate federal funding to research and development.

In this post, I will show you how to stop your past appointments from disappearing, and restore past events at the same time. Open the Calendar application (or any third-party calendar app) on your i Phone or i Pad, then scroll back in time to 3 months ago, for example.

You’ll realize that all your events are gone, except for those that are set as recurring, such as birthdays or holidays. The reality is not that the calendar app is deleting events, but rather it has stopped from syncing them, and instead of leaving them on the device, it just removes them past a certain time frame.

l=nb&mt=8) on your i Phone you can now team up with other Digital Calvin and Hobbes users to complete events (which typically is about getting 1000 pirates to a certain location, or something like that). I definitely wouldn't have posted that if I knew how it would look, but I can't delete it since there are absolutely no moderation tools for comments right now...

To join the team open the menu, select "Flight Crew" and set DCH as active flight crew.

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