Gerald anderson dating new girl not accommodating

Alonzo's and Anderson's relationship, however, never prospered.Salvador refused to admit her relationship with Anderson even though they have been reportedly going on out-of-town trips since early this year.For the show, Chiu left her hometown of Cebu City and moved to Manila.She, along with the rest of the housemates entered the Big Brother house on April 23, 2006.

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Although the reason for Chiu's and Anderson's breakup was never revealed, reports said it was because of actress Bea Alonzo.What if the rumor is true that Gerald Anderson is dating a non-showbiz girl?Does Gerald wants Sarah Geronimo to feel the pain again like what happened to her during the height of her triangle with Cristine Reyes and Rayver Cruz?She also remained mum about Chiu's tirades against her. Numerous sources have spotted the celebrity hottie and his mystery girlfriend dining out in a fancy restaurant and catching a late night movie.

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